Important functions of the CRM software

Customer relationship management software CRM includes a set of important and diverse business functions, allowing to support and automate optimal management of business activities, to serve in customer care effectively. Three typical important functions include: marketing management, sales management, services and customer support.

Sales automation

Sales automation is a system that will provide a set of tools to manage the process by stages as well as sales staff activities. It allows for close tracking and recording of every stage of the sales process for each potential customer, from initiation to end of the deal. Automation will include features like: opportunity management, sell order creation, quote rendering, invoice rendering, sales forecasts, specific workflow automation and management, statistics warehouse for sale.

Marketing automation

The marketing automation system allows the screening of clues for the customer force to help businesses identify and target the best customers. An important function of marketing automation is to manage and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through email, telemarketing, correspondence, and direct personal offers, … manage more closely, screen, add and improve the quality of potential customers in the database.

Customer support service

Customer support is a system that allows the feature to track and manage customer service activities and issues that need assistance. This also makes an important difference between businesses, CRM software systems help them improve and improve customer service experience, while optimizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

The software also provides management tools when encountering problems that arise from customers, providing basic knowledge to help customers self-service when needed, and helping employees to respond customer requests quickly.

Other necessary functions

A CRM system of customer management software will give you a variety of related tools and functions such as warehouse management (helping businesses manage and control inventory in stock. It ensures users purchase, trustworthy and efficient from suppliers and deliver to customers), manage schedules, telephones, mail, emails, invoices, and quotes, Besides, this great software also ensures high security features and are tool common utility in businesses.

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