Necessary things to choose the right VPS

Not everyone can afford their own VPS server. Hiring VPS services from a third party will be the right choice. However, not all providers have a VPS plan that is right for you. Before hiring a VPS, you should carefully consider the following factors:

CPU Core

CPU is one of the indispensable elements of a VPS. CPU Core is the number of CPU cores. It has the ability to allow the CPU to process multiple processes at the same time. The more CPU core VPS has, the faster the CPU can handle. Usually, each VPS has a 4 core CPU.


Like computers, Ram is also an important part. Ram is a temporary store of data of running processes. The more Ram capacity, the more visitors the Website can load. Usually a well-designed website with 1Gb ram can load 5000 hits in a day and allow 300 people to be online at the same time.

Memory storage

Currently, most VPS are using SSD technology instead of HDD as before. In terms of capacity, usually at least 10Gb for the lowest VPS package. 10 Gb is enough for a regular sales website and you do not need to worry too much about capacity.


Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred by VPS. For example, on the website you have all data with a capacity of 100Mb, when a person opens the website, then you have used 100Mb of bandwidth. The higher the amount of bandwidth, the more traffic you will get to the website. However, most of the VPS currently do not limit the bandwidth used.

Operating system

There are 2 main operating systems: Windows and Linux. Depending on the source code of the website you use to choose the operating system. With WordPress or PHP source code, choose Linux, for ASP.NET or JS, choose Windows.

Web management software

This is the Web control Panel tool used to create hosting, manage hosting and other related operations to be able to run the website. Some Web control panels are free to use, some charge a fee and you may incur additional charges to use them. 2 Web controls that are most used today are CPanel and Direct Admin. CPanel is more functional, more professional. Direct Admin is cheaper than CPanel. Both are very good. Some providers will free Direct Admin when buying VPS.

VPS management

Some units support installing and handling any VPS related issues, with or without fees. However, there are many units selling VPS but do not support installation and troubleshooting except for VPS reset, password reset. You should choose carefully to avoid trouble using VPS that cannot be managed by yourself.

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