Should you hire a cheap VPS or Shared hosting?

In recent years, the use of Website storage space to develop an e-commerce business has become popular in most companies. Therefore, the emergence of many types of Website hosting. VPS and Shared hosting are prime examples of this type of storage space. They are essential to support a business’s needs. So between cheap VPS and Shared hosting, what you should choose? Which one is the best solution for your website?

Cheap VPS service


A low-cost VPS is a virtual server that is divided from a physical server. Each physical server is divided into several different virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers has the same basic features as the original physical server. They all have separate parts like the CPU, operating system, IP and share resources from the original physical server.

The advantages of cheap VPS rental

– When renting a cheap VPS service, customers can save costs as much as possible. This type of hosting is great for anyone on a low budget. Especially, customers do not have to pay for operation and maintenance costs.

– Cheap VPS service is usually installed quite simply and quickly. Customers only take 5-10 minutes to use VPS without wasting time waiting.

With cheap VPS rental service, customers can easily upgrade the server configuration, bandwidth and traffic flow when needed.

– Customers have full control over VPS virtual server to store and process data

– VPS has high security because it is equipped with anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, professional and effective.

Shared hosting service


Shared hosting is a service that stores many different Web sites on a server system. Unlike VPS, each shared hosting website is individually partitioned and no website has the same partition.

The downside of shared hosting is the limited storage capacity and bandwidth. This means that when demand increases, customers cannot expand or upgrade bandwidth and configuration. And even with its own operating system, but the customer cannot change it because it shares the same configuration with the Server.

The advantages of Shared hosting

– The price of shared hosting is also quite cheap, suitable for many different customers.

– Configuration is simple, easy to use, usually pre-programmed on the Server.

– The performance of shared hosting on static websites is high and traffic is low.

– Customers can back up and restore data when needed.

Should you choose a cheap VPS or Shared hosting to host the Web?

With the details as above, do you know which solution should you choose for your website? We can see that each type of storage has each advantages and disadvantages.

– For small customers who own an e-commerce website with a small number of visitors, it is better for you to choose Shared hosting.

– For mid-range customers who own a website with a higher daily traffic volume,a cheap VPS is the best choice to achieve maximum efficiency.

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