What are the differences between iPhone 12 and iPhone X?

The iPhone generation has made a historic change in 2017 with the iPhone X. After three years, the iPhone 12 is considered to have more miraculous changes.

In 2017, the tech industry saw a dramatic change with Apple’s iPhone line. IPhone X launched with a different design style, accompanied by a multitude of internal changes, this is also the product to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone launch.

And in 2020, the iPhone 12 series is expected to be the next big blockbuster after the iPhone X with changes in design, camera, connectivity and many internal details. So between the iPhone X and iPhone 12 this year, what will be the changes in technology?

What are the differences between iPhone 12 and iPhone X 0

1. Change the OLED screen

This year, the iPhone 12 will still use the OLED screen but the Super Retina XDR OLED Promotion technology is 120Hz. This technology is many times more advanced than OLED technology 3 years ago with the expected resolution on the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inch screen) also higher – 2788 x 1284 pixels, the pixel density is estimated to reach 458ppi.

Previously, the iPhone X’s 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display was just OLED technology with a much lower resolution – 2436 x 1125 pixels, the screen refresh rate just stopped at 60Hz. This means that the experience on the iPhone 12 Pro screen will be raised to a different level: playing games better, watching movies.

2. A11 Bionic chip replaced with A14 Bionic

Along with the design, the processing power inside of the iPhone X when compared to the iPhone 12 will be “a godsend”. After 3 years, the A14 Bionic’s processing speed will certainly have great improvements over the A11 Bionic chip on the iPhone X. The new chip is produced on the most advanced 5nm process and the A11 is only 10nm FinFET process. .

It is estimated that the difference between the processing speed between them can be up to 75-80% and energy savings up to 130%. According to rumors, the A14 chip will be the first mobile chip to have a clock speed above 3GHz, bringing the “top” processing speed.

That is not to mention the RAM on the iPhone 12 Pro Max – 6GB can be twice as much as the iPhone X – 3GB, will make the iPhone 2020 look like a tiger.

3. Upgrade to iOS 14

Along with the A14, this year’s operating system will be iOS 14 with loads of provinces and new functions added. Three years ago, iOS users were struggling to get used to gesture navigation, Emoji animations or Face ID scanning on the iPhone X, but with this year, everything will be on a different level.

iOS 14 brings more convenient shortcuts, smarter, more accurate Face ID, more Emoji images, more customization. IOS 14 beta versions are constantly being rolled out to developers to best overcome the limitations to the complete version. The synchronization in both hardware and software makes the experience on iPhone 12 will be further optimized and unified.

4. Battery up to 4000 mAh

Certainly, this year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max will have a battery capacity raised above 4000 mAh (last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max’s battery was 3969 mAh). Along with the ability to fast charge up to 20W capacity, the distance between this super product with the iPhone X is even further when the 3-year-old iPhone has only a 2716 mAh battery with fast charging capacity of 18W.

5. From 2 rear cameras to 4 rear cameras

In fact, the 12MP dual rear camera cluster on the iPhone X is not much different from the iPhone 8 Plus. They are only capable of taking normal photos, recording 4K videos, and taking portrait photos with removing fonts.

Technology after 4 years on iPhone 12 will have a miraculous “leap” with LiDAR sensor as on iPad Pro, ultra-wide-angle camera promoted from iPhone 11 Pro Max and upgraded from AI on iPhone 2019 generation. That is, the change is not only the rear camera layout, the more luxurious, but also the standard features inside, meeting the entertainment needs, capturing memorable moments for users in many smartest ways.

6. From 4G to 5G

It can be confirmed that the iPhone 12 2020 series will be capable of 5G connectivity – the latest generation of wireless networks. This is the technology that “The Apple House” has missed on the iPhone 11 last year.

5G promises to bring access speeds that can be 40 times faster than 4G currently on iPhone X and current 4G smartphones. As a result, users of the iPhone 12 5G will have the best technological achievement experience, although the integration of this technology will make the selling price of the 5G iPhone much higher than the iPhone 11 series in 2019 and far. But that’s the price to pay, absolutely worth it!


Currently, the iPhone X is no longer sold on the official website of Apple and is no longer popular in the Vietnamese market with the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 series. The story of the iPhone 12 this year is something that the technology world and fans have been waiting for

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