What are the key functions of CRM software?

Nowadays, improving the quality of management and customer care are always the top concern for businesses. The birth of CRM software is a combination of human resources and technology to help businesses improve the quality of customer care systems, manage employees as well as operate the company in the best way.

What do you know about CRM software?

CRM software is the shorten name of the term “Customer Relationship Management”. It is roughly translated as customer management. Along with the rapid development of science and technology, especially social networks, enterprises’ ability to approach customers is increasingly favorable and at the same time, increases the competitiveness between businesses. Therefore, businesses that better understand the needs and habits of customers will grasp customers’ trust, thereby building a close relationship between customers and businesses. The introduction of CRM software as a solution to this problem, CRM software will help businesses easily manage information from names, emails, phone numbers, accounts, working partners…. to learn, research on customer behavior, approach and communicate with customers in a professional, systematic way to achieve effective interaction, to serve customers in the best way.

Functions of CRM software

A CRM software has the necessary functions to help businesses research and analyze through customer data, then deploy appropriate outreach and marketing programs for each audience and group of customers.

Customer management:

CRM software collects customer data from sources, stores information by content for easy searching, not only that, CRM software establishes an automatic care mechanism, Keep track of all customer changes, automatically allocate for sale

Sales opportunity management:

Keep records of sales made to customers (quotes, orders …). Optionally set up many sales processes for each category or customer audience. Moreover, CRM software using automatic opportunity care and prompting mechanism can clearly evaluate effectiveness.

Job management:

Store, work statistics of department employees (sales, marketing, customer care …) Optionally set up work management processes, create jobs and remind jobs, report work through software

Contract management:

CRM software integrates orders from the website, has a full range of tools to track payment progress, track contract performance costs as well as integrate warehouse management module.

Marketing management:

Flexible and convenient, CRM software integrates email marketing, integrates sms marketing and sets up automation mechanisms.

To sum up, CRM software has a lot of important functions and it is the necessary tool of every business.

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