What should you pay attention to when choosing the best VPS for your business?

Today, there are many different VPS providers and service packages. VPS virtual server has many advantages compared to conventional server services. Most VPS services are favored for their flexibility, ease of management, and reasonable prices, suitable for many different customers. However, with the proliferation of this service, it is difficult to choose a VPS package like that. So how to choose the right VPS for your business? What to pay attention to when choosing a VPS? The following contents will answer your questions above.

Hard Drive

One of the most important things that you should concern when choosing VPS is Disk. Disk is an important part of a basic VPS. Your VPS cannot operate if it is lack of this essential part. Disk not a new concept, you can figure out that it is the hard drive. This hard-drive is used to store your website’s source files as well as operating system installation files.


RAM is an important and essential part of VPS. Ram is the main memory in the server So having more RAM means your computer will store more data. When using VPS, RAM will help you to solve a lot of complicated problems like PHP code handling. With PHP software, handling database entry queries using MySQL, reading and writing data, this parameter is very important.

Most of the VPS services today offer RAM with capacities from 512MB to 16GB. To know what RAM you need, you need to carefully consider your website and the size of your business. If your business is small and needs to use website not much, about 1G RAM is enough.


The amount of traffic you are allowed to transmit is called bandwidth. For example, if you have 2GB files on VPS, then 2GB of bandwidth will be lost per person, as is the case with other files like JS, images, CSS etc.

If you are in business, you need a large enough bandwidth for your website, preferably unlimited bandwidth.

CPU core

The CPU core is called CPU Core. Each dedicated VPS server has a certain number of cores and it will be broken down for the VPS. In addition, the more cores, the better the processing power.

For small businesses, you can choose one core or two cores depending on your needs.

The Bottom Line

The above factors are the points you need to consider carefully when choosing a cheap VPS. Hope this article can provide you with useful and necessary information. Good luck and make the right decision.

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