What you should do when your iPhone cannot charge the battery?

Nowadays, iPhone phones are not too strange for smartphone users. Compared to other phones, iPhone has many advantages. However, there are times when the iPhone unexpectedly cannot charge the battery and you do not know how to handle the problem. This problem caused your interruption. Don’t worry, refer to the following tips, your iPhone will quickly charge the battery.

What you should do when your iPhone cannot charge the battery

1. Remove dust in the iPhone charging port

First, you need to find a very soft bristle brush, if not found, you can replace it with a paper clip. Skillfully slide the brush and the inside of the charging port with a moderate force. You need to be very careful because the inside details are quite small, a little negligence can ruin them.

2. Check charger and cable

When used for a long time, the charger and the cable may be damaged. First, you need to check the cable. You can borrow someone else’s cable and try it out. If you can’t charge, the problem is with the charger. Conversely, if your phone still charges, your cable is having problems.

You also need to watch carefully for broken cables, if you use cheap wires and cables, they not only quickly break but also damage your iPhone.

3. Restart iPhone

When the phone can’t charge, you should also try restarting your iPhone. This is the fastest way to check for a problem. To do this, go to Settings, select General, select Shut down and press Slide to power off.

After the screen has turned off completely, you only need to hold the power button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears.

4. Exit all running applications

To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold the Home button, then turn off open applications.

5. Try another outlet

Sometimes the problem is not with your phone but with your home socket. So, try charging at a different outlet. This is a solution not to be missed when looking for the causes.

6. Update iOS

First, go to Settings, select General, select Software Update, select Download & Install. Note, the size of the update will depend on the device you are using

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