Why shouldn’t you trust free VPS service?

Free VPS is a free virtual server service released by today’s hosting service providers. In fact, in addition to many Free VPS services from major and reputable providers, countless providers take advantage of the free VPS label to scam users. This article will help you see through these 3 scams.

Affiliate marketing model

When it comes to the Free VPS plan, users will often be encouraged to sign up for the service and provide bank details as a “proof of payment”. In some cases, the user’s bank card may be charged for a service that the Free VPS hosting provider claims they offer “free” to the user.

Understand simply that the provider itself may not offer a free VPS service at all. But for personal benefit, some people or groups of people take advantage of the concept of Free VPS to attract other users. And when that user registers, they will be charged as usual.

Instead, VPS providers often have policies for people who refer others to use their services. That is the Affiliate Marketing model. You will receive a percentage commission when new people sign up for that service. The more people subscribe to the more they benefit. So, before you believe in any Free VPS advertising, make sure you find out and research with certainty the provider you plan to use has a real Free VPS program to avoid the risks in the future.

Attack Man-In-The-Middle

In addition to your bank details, you will need to enter your personal information when signing up for the Free VPS service, such as your password, email address, and full name. However, don’t forget that they are your own personal information. The question is, do you trust any Free VPS hosting provider who owns that personal information about you?

There is no certainty that they will not sell such private information about you to other services or no third-party companies. With the Free VPS service, anything can happen. Sometimes it’s just a screenplay to get information from you only.

Also, another big risk for Free VPS services is the introduction of man-in-the-middle attacks. Not only Free VPS but also paid VPS services also happen this situation. However, with Free VPS services, when security is somewhat lighter, this risk will often occur.

Limited storage resources

Temporarily we can ignore the sale of data that happens when using Free VPS, let’s think about the resource problem of these Free VPS service packages. Usually, to save costs, free virtual private servers are extremely limited compared to paid plans when it comes to vital features like hosting and resource options.

As a result, this can negatively affect the loading speed and overall performance of your website. If you mainly make money from online advertising, it can seriously deplete your existing income stream.

With the provision of such a narrow resource, it is only enough for basic needs. Even so, it should be used for research or learning purposes only. If you run a business that uses Free VPS, you will need to upgrade to a higher plan sooner or later. At this point, because you accidentally used Free VPS and put your data there, it is almost certain that you will agree to upgrade to higher plans. Therefore, at this point, you will have no other choice.

Last but not least

Although not all Free VPS services are scams, users should also be cautious about these issues. Choose for yourself a large, reputable provider to use Free VPS services from them. Avoid focusing too much on benefits and forgetting about the risks mentioned above.

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