Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020’s unique image leak

High-quality photos of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020 have been posted on popular online retail stores in China, including Aliexpress (removed). With these photos, users can discover that this 2020 version has a very unique design compared to smartphones that have hit the market.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020's unique image leak

Leaked photos of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020

The design of both the front and back of the Mi MIX 2020 is unique and strange because previous versions did not have it. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2020

It has an edge-to-edge screen, narrow bezels, and no notch or hole for the front camera. Instead, the front camera and physical buttons are on the right side of the screen.

For the main camera on the back, the large rectangular module is not placed vertically on the left, but rather horizontally in the center. This camera set comes with 4 sensors, including the periscope lens.

Previously, there was information about a smartphone codenamed Xiaomi CAS, it has a back camera with a 48 MP main sensor, but it is not clear whether this is Mi 2020 Mi MIX or not.

Xiaomi teases Mi MIX 10 and the MIUI 15 interface

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is quite innovative and consistent over the years. The company recently hosted a security event. The theme of the event is to enhance the management and awareness of personal data. On the photos that describe Xiaomi’s data classification, you will see stickers that clearly state Mi MIX 10 and MIUI 15.

Mi MIX 4 is about to debut, and MIUI 12 has just been launched, so why is Xiaomi teasing Mi MIX 10 and MIUI 15? Perhaps Xiaomi is looking to forward the future. The message that Xiaomi wants to send us is that Mi MIX 10 and MIUI 15 will bring perfect data protection to users.

According to Xiaomi, it takes data protection very seriously and it has a great impact on the company. For Xiaomi, the data security level is at 4 levels. These include: top secret, secret level, internal sharing level and completely open level. What level of information security do you think will be available on Mi MIX 10 and MIUI 15?

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